The Munich Eleven Israeli Olympians
   The 1972 Munich 11 Israeli Olympians
                              לזכר  י"א  חללי  מינכן 1972 
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 ALEXEEV DOES MUNICH Vasily Alexeev: Olympic and World Champion Superheavyweight Weightlifter, breaks 40 year silence to reveal what happened at the 1972 Munich Olympics, where terrorists murdered his personal friends, members of the Israeli Olympic team.

אליעזר חלפין
Eliezer Halfin

זאב פרידמן
Ze'ev Friedman

יוסף רומנו
Yossef Romano

מרק סלבין
Mark Slavin

דוד ברגר
David Berger

יוסף גוטפרוינד
Yossef Gutfreund

אנדריי שפיצר
Andre Spitzer

משה ויינברג
Moshe Weinberg

קהת שור
Kehat Shorr

עמיצור שפירא
Amitzur Shapira

יעקב שפרינגר
Yakov Springer 

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 Ask the IOC (International Olympic  Committee) for just one minute of  silence to memorialize the 11
 Israeli Olympians who came to the
 1972 Munich Olympics to compete
 in friendship and peace, and instead
 were murdered by terrorists.

 Tweet the
names and birthdays of
 of the
#Munich11 Olympians to the
IOC for 1 minute of silence to honor
 their memory at the
 @IOC #JustOneMinute of silence
 at the
#Olympics to remember

#MarkSlavin January 31
#KehatShorr February 21
YossefRomano April 15
YakovSpringer June 10

#EliezerHalfin June 18
#DavidBerger    June 24
ZeevFriedman June 24
AndreSpitzer July 4
AmitzurShapira July 9
#YossefGutfreund November 1

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